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Iowa has the nation’s highest literacy rate at 99%. 

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#airshow #skydiving #usa #americanflag #skyjumping #parachuting http://www.QuadCityAirShow.com (at Quad City Air Show)


26 miles to go. Passing through Edgewood. Gotta get here early to get the pie at Trinity United Methodist Church. We’re tired, but pumped as we approach a part of the state called the Switzerland of Iowa.


We’re spending this night at the Winnebago Area Boy Scout camp in Waverly. Off to Independence in the morning: 67 miles away.


I’m definitely back in the Midwest. #feelslikehome #iowa


An Iowa landmark. On the road to Davenport. The former President was born here in the town of West Branch on August 10, 1874.



Pro Tip: When on the road working a story, always stop to read that Historical marker you might otherwise stroll past. It’s a great source of local color — like this treasure in downtown Davenport, Iowa.
(Now, I first spotted this one some 15 years ago. I have yet to work this tidbit into a story… But someday, someday…)

Dear World,
This is my hometown—the beginning of modern chiropractic work.

Sometimes, it is the little things to be proud of…


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Campanile, Iowa State University // iPhone 5

My campus is so beautiful. So glad I go here.

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The Music Man


A snippet from the song which, when asked for a song to represent Iowa, is my go-to example.

The good and bad, the up and the down, and everything from a frosty shoulder to the shirt off our backs.

Well, if this isn’t just quite the little ditty.